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Club History

We’re so proud of our history at South Clare and there are some fantastic examples of team, individual and club successes.

There are also stories of tragedy, followed by incredible resilience of our players, administrators and supporters alike. They have all inspired us.

South Clare Sports Club Incorporated was founded in 1960 following the decision by the Clare Football Club to split into two new clubs – South and North Clare. During the past 60 years, South Clare has grown to be a strong, family-friendly club.



YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerFootball Director SeniorFootball Director JuniorNetball Director SeniorNetball Director JuniorLife MembersVolunteer of the YearJunior Volunteer of the Year
1960C.McKinnonS.McInerneyS.McInerney    E.Haysman (50)  
1961C.McKinnonE.HaysmanS.McInerney/E.K.Haysman    D.Haysman (50)  
1962C.McKinnonJ.WrightS.McInerney    H.Haysman (53)  
1963C.McKinnonJ.KnappsteinS.McInerney    C.McKinnon (67)  
1964C.McKinnonJ.KnappsteinS.McInerney    E.Wiles (69)  
1965J.GilliesI.GovanS.McInerney    C.Koop  
1966C.McKinnonB.ReesT.Haysman  Y.Jones L.Jenkins (Mr)  
1967C.McKinnonR.PotterK.James  Y.Jones J.Darby  
1968C.McKinnonG.DarmondyJ.Gillies/J.Wiles  Y.Jones S.McInerney (69)  
1969C.McKinnonG.DaviesR.Smith  Y.Jones J.Dickeson  
1970J.MarnerG.DaviesR.Smith  Y.Jones D.Maynard(75)  
1971J.MarnerJ.ElmslieL.Gordon  Y.Jones Max Goode  
1972M.VandeleurM.BywatersR.Smith  Y.Jones H.Stopp  
1973M.VandeleurJ.Parsons/J.JollyS.Grace  Y.Jones L.Jenkins (Mrs)  
1974M.VandeleurF.GervasiR.Newton  Y.Jones L.Kellock (77)  
1975M.VandeleurM.Pash/I.SimpsonM.Pearse/I.Forbes  Y.Jones P.Basham (77)  
1976M.VandeleurI.ForbesR.Goode  Y.Jones D.Courtney (77)  
1977M.VandeleurI.ForbesR.Goode  Y.Jones A.Haynes (77)  
1978M.VandeleurP.GarrardG.Brewer  Y.Jones B.Kluska (77)  
1979M.VandeleurW.BarrettG.Brewer  Y.Jones/J.Adams W.Maynard (77)  
1980S.SchrapelI.CooperG.Brewer  Y.Courtney P.Meyer (77)  
1981S.SchrapelI.CooperG.Brewer  Y.Courtney R.Salter (77)  
1982S.SchrapelI.CooperG.Brewer  J.Harrison E.Reade (78)  
1983E.K.Dunstan/I.SimpsonP.McIntyreG.Brewer  J.Harrison G.Pollard (78)  
1984I.SimpsonR.StanwayG.Brewer  G.Faulkner I.Wright (78)  
1985I.SimpsonR.StanwayG.Brewer  G.Faulkner/J.Smith M.Vandeleur (80)  
1986S.SchrapelR.DickinsonR.StanwayS.SchrapelG.AlmM.HowardW.FryR.Smith (81)  
1987J.JollyR.DickinsonB.KneeboneJ.JollyG.AlmW.PynorW.FryY.Jones (82)  
1988N.SmithR.DickinsonT.StewartN.SmithG.AlmK.SpencerW.PynorMarie Goode  
1989E.ReadeR.DickinsonT.StewartE.ReadeG.AlmG.ReadeR.DickinsonJ.Jolly (87)  
1990P.VandeleurS. DaleR.StanwayP.VandeleurG.AlmS.BondS.BartlettJ.Brewer (89)  
1991P.VandeleurS. DaleR.StanwayP.HooperG.AlmA.HooperA.TonkinG.Brewer (89)  
1992P.VandeleurD.FairchildG.KochR.StanwayM.McAvaneyA.HooperW.VercoS.Jolly (97)  
1993P.VandeleurS.MahoneyG.Koch/M.PearseR.StanwayM.McAvaneyR.DickinsonJ.SmithP.Vandeleur (97)  
1994P.AndrewsT.FisherM.PearseP.BillingsM.McAvaneyR.DickinsonJ.SmithD.Smith (00)  
1995P.VandeleurT.FisherR.ShekleP.BillingsM.McAvaneyT.PollardJ.SmithL.Smith (02)  
1996P.VandeleurJ.HeinrichH.ShekleL.CarlinT.FisherT.TansellT.PollardJ.Smith (02)  
1997P.VandeleurJ.HeinrichH.ShekleD.CourtneyT.FisherA.HooperT.PollardN.Smith (03)  
1998G.EyersD.LomasH.ShekleD.CourtneyT.FisherA.HooperT.PollardD.Stevens (03)  
1999G.EyersD.LomasR.BirdM.StoppT.FisherA.HooperA.HarroldG.Eyers (04)  
2000P.HooperR.WillmottR.BirdM.StoppD.QuickJ.SmithT.WattsT.Pollard (04)  
2001A.EdwardsR.Willmott/P.HooperR.BirdM.StoppG.NordhausenW.PynorM.EdwardsA.Edwards (05)  
2002A.EdwardsP.HooperP.EdwardsM.StoppG.NordhausenW.PynorM.EdwardsM.McAvaney (06)I.Goode 
2003A.EdwardsR.CameronP.EdwardsM.StoppT.DunstanT.WattsA.GibsonT.Dunstan (06)M.Murphy 
2004T.DunstanM.MurphyB.Dawes/B.DegenhardtN.SmithD.HutchinsonT.WattsA.GibsonI.Smith (07)R.Przibilla 
2005T.DunstanM.MurphyB.DegendhardtN.SmithD.HutchinsonK.CuttingH.SmithH.Smith (09)T.Watts 
2006K.LiebeltM.MurphyD.Przibilla/A.HutchinsonG.NordhausenD.HutchinsonK.CuttingH.SmithM.Murphy (09)H.Smith 
2007K.LiebeltM.MurphyD.Przibilla/A.HutchinsonP.VandeleurD.HutchinsonK.CuttingH.SmithB.Duke (10)A.Eyers 
2008K.LiebeltM.MurphyD.Przibilla/H.LallyP.VandeleurG.NieldK.CuttingM.KnightW.Dunstan (11)K.Cutting 
2009M.MurphyS.HeinrichH.Lally/K.CarpenterN.Smith/I.SmithG.NieldL.BennieM.KnightK.Reynolds (12)R.O’Neill 
2010M.MurphyM.YoungH.Lally/K.CarpenterI.SmithN.SmithL.BennieM.KnightK.Woodrow (12)G.Eyers 
2011M.MurphyR.O’NeillH.LallyM.YoungB.DinningL.BennieK.Maynard R.Murphy/B.Willmott 
2012K.Cutting/R.O’NeillS.HeinrichH.LallyR.O’NeillB.DinningK.CuttingK.Maynard S.Heinrich 
2013R.O’NeillJ.DrummondH.LallyJ.LehmannB.DinningS.HeinrichL.Nield K.Liebelt 
2014R.O’NeillJ.DrummondH.LallyJ.LehmannT.McNeilK.MurphyB.Dare H.Lally 
2015B.DinningJ.DrummondJ.LehmannJ.LehmannT.McNeilK.MurphyC.Seidel P.Sandy 
2016B.DinningK.WoodrowK.SamuelJ.LehmannT.McNeilH.KochC.Seidel S.KimberM Jarvis
2017KN WoodrowK.WoodrowK.SamuelM.DareJ.LucasK.LiebeltK.Chapman J. LucasB Sandy
2018KN Woodrow/N.HeathK.WoodrowK.SamuelM.DareJ.LucasK.LiebeltL.Stanway K. SamuelJ Bache
2019N.HeathK.WoodrowD. ReadeA.NitschkeJ.LucasK.LiebeltL.StanwayG.HenekerT.BurnerL&K Lehman
2020N HeathK WoodrowD. ReadeA NitschkeJ LucasS HeinrichL Stanway D ReadeJ Wurfel
2021N HeathK SamuelB WurfelA NitschkeH SchutzS HeinrichL StanwayS HeinrichP ChapmanE Hall
2022N HeathK SamuelB WurfelA NitschkeH SchutzL StanwayK MurphyK LiebeltN HeathI Samuel
2023N HeathK SamuelB WurfelM Murphy/I SmithH SchutzL StanwayK Murphy A SmithT Lucas
2024B WurfelK SamuelN WilsonM SalterH SchutzA SmithK Murphy   



A Grade Football
1961, 1962, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1983, 1986, 1996, 2002, 2005

B Grade Football
1967, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1999, 2001, 2005

A1 Netball
1966, 1972, 1975, 1977, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

A2 Netball
1986, 1989, 2004, 2003, 2005, 2012

B1 Netball
1976, 1985

B2 Netball

C1 Netball
1975, 1998, 2011

C2 Netball
1997, 2002, 2005, 2014

Senior Colts Football
1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1978, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2016, 2017, 2023

Junior Colts Football U14
1971, 1973, 1975, 1983, 1990, 1991, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2009, 2014, 2015

U15 Netball

J1 Netball
1996, 1998, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2022, 2023

J2 Netball
1992, 2007, 2012, 2018


South Clare Memorial Trophies


Greg Minney Memorial Award – Minis
This award was introduced in 2005 following Greg’s sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. It was created to honour the commitment and contribution he provided to South Clare Junior Football by recognising a mini’s player who encouraged and supported their teammates, coaches and the club, one who showed great commitment to their football, and one with the most potential to succeed at the highest level. In essence, this award is a club values award.

Bob Haynes Memorial Award – U14 Best & Fairest
Bob Haynes was awarded Life Membership of South Clare in the 60s for his service to the club. He was a trainer and was involved in Junior footy for many years. This trophy honours his contribution and commitment to our Junior footballers.

Terry Giles Memorial Award – U14 incentive
Terry Giles was a South Clare Junior Colts team manager before he died tragically from Motor Neurone Disease. Terry always thought the young fellas that showed commitment and dedication to their footy by giving it everything every week, including at trainings, deserved to be recognised. The award was designed to encourage a young man who showed those attributes to continue playing footy.

EK Dunstan Memorial Trophy – A Grade Best & Fairest
Ken Dunstan had been associated with South Clare since the beginning – he’d played, been heavily involved in the social side of the club and in 1983 was elected President. Tragically, in June of that year, Ken was killed in a car accident. Prior to his death, he’d been confident that ‘this was South Clare A Grade’s premiership year’ so it was fitting and bitter sweet that the boys did in fact go on to win the Grand Final. The EK Dunstan Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the B&F A Grade player in honour of Ken’s memory and his contribution to South Clare.

Noel Smith Memorial Award – A Grade Best Team Man


Michelle Bruce Memorial Trophy – A Grade Best & Fairest
Michelle Bruce played A Grade netball for South Clare and was a much loved player and club member. Tragically, Michelle passed away at a young age from cancer. Her husband Clarrie and daughter Yana are proud to see the Michelle Bruce Memorial Trophy awarded in Michelle’s memory to the Best & Fairest A Grade player each year.

Evon Jones Award – Most Club Votes
Evon Jones worked tirelessly for South Clare over many years and was recognised with a Life Membership in 1982. She had contributed in many ways, including serving as President for 12 years, umpiring and coaching many successful teams. In fact, many young Southies had Evon to thank for their Premiership wins and more importantly, for fostering their love of the game and of our club. Sadly, Evon passed away in 2016. We are very proud to honour her memory with the continuation of this award.


Terrence Mangan – Volunteer of the Year
Terrence Managan is from Ireland and first formed an association with Clare on a visit to Australia with the Lion’s Club. He was friends of the Duggin family and also forged a strong friendship with the Vandeleurs. Terrence visits his friends in Australia (and Clare) regularly and is a mad sports fan, historian and devoted volunteer himself – given this and his connection with the Vandeleur family, Terrence generously donated a trophy to South Clare to allow a club volunteer to be recognised each year for their outstanding contribution.

Mr Mac Junior Volunteer of the Year (founded 2016)
This trophy was named for a club and league legend. When it comes to junior sport, Mr Mac (Mike Macavaney) is the perfect example of a tireless volunteer. The inaugural trophy was presented in 2016 which fittingly was also the 20th year of Auskick run by Mr Mac for junior footballers throughout NEFL. This award will be given to recognise the efforts of a young go-getter at South Clare; someone who has made a significant volunteer contribution to benefit our club and its members.